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Reality Capture Defined

The Meaning Behind The Words

Reality Capture is the use of various technical means to capture a digital 3D model representation of a subject from the real world. Where traditional 3D model generation is slow and only as accurate as the artist or designer makes them, Reality Capture can capture detailed, accurate digital representations in minutes.

Infrared laser light captures the dimensions and spatial relationship of objects resulting in a highly accurate digital 3D map of the scanned object. Never before has there been such an effective and efficient way to create digital models with this level of speed and precision to document, catalog, and measure structures, building projects, monuments, topography and much more.

Architects, engineers and builders are able to utilize Reality Capture and the resulting 3D models to vastly improve project management in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. It allows them to assess pre-existing damage, unexpected conditions and potentially disruptive factors, while accessing precise measurements of structures that may not have existing blueprints.



Noorda Tech’s laser-generated models provide clients in the manufacturing, architectural, engineering and building industries new tools to build more complex structures and provide a method for verification once projects are complete.

Our clients enjoy significant savings in cost and time realized over the lifetime of the project thanks to having measurements right the first time!

Benefits of

Reality Capture

“Noorda Tech has continuously demonstrated a creativity and tenacity for implementing new technologies. [They] are very customer focused and always demonstrated a new twist in GIS, CAD, and 3D laser scanning technology.”
Rand Eardley, REA Architects
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