EDA Architecture, Cowboy Partners Building 2018-06-09T01:37:47-07:00

Case Studies

EDA Architecture, Cowboy Partners Building

EDA’s Tom Brennan reached out to Noorda Tech one day after attending our “Lunch and Learn” seminar about scanning and modeling the exterior of a building in Salt Lake City. EDA had been asked to create plans to refresh the building’s exterior. They had less than a week before they needed the Revit model, and Tom was concerned about getting accurate measurements of the exterior using traditional methods within the tight time constraints. It was a large building with a lot of elevation changes, so we understood Tom’s challenge and were prepared to tackle the job.

Noorda Tech was able to complete the scan the next day and put our modeling team to work. Tom and his team at EDA were so pleased with the resulting product that they requested we not only model the building, but the topography as well. Our team was able to complete the request within the 12-hour turn around that Tom requested. As a result, Tom will be using Noorda Tech again! We look forward to the opportunity. Whatever the challenge, we stand ready!

3D Laser Scanning, Reality Capture, Scan to Model